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Today, as me and my friend were driving to Taco Bell across from campus. we noticed a plane flying overhead that had a telephone number and a fuzzy looking picture. The message next to the picture said 10 week abortion in big block letters. So I called the number. It turned out to be a anti-choice organization's (Center for Bio-Ethical Reform) scare campaign against the right to chose. The fuzzy picture was actually a picture of embryo/fetus. The message is automated and gave it's explanation on why they are doing this campaign and even goes as far to say that if you are pro-choice, why are you upset by the pictures of aborted fetuses? It gives you the option of leaving a message for or against abortion and uses emotions. They use "killing unborn children" and "butchered unborn children" and even defend themselves against those who may object to their campaign if kids see them. They say the images off 9/11 and violent movies are worse on children and if you are anti-choice and don't like their stategy, they give you explanations also. They even bring in slavery! You have to listen to the message to believe it. What's more disturbing is the photos and "opinions" they have on their website. I urge all of you to leave a message

I left a message and I advice you all to do so too. The national number is 1-888-234-9292 and the website is www.abortionno.org., there they give you the link to the Midwest headquarters in none other that Columbus (The Midwest Region P.O. Box 360503 Columbus, OH 43236 614-759-5195 (voice)
614-759-5194 (fax) ). I'm thinking of doing a mailing campiagn or maybe we could even go do a protest in the fall, let me know what you guys think!

***Forgot to add they are also teetering on the anti-pill side. If you go to the abortion facts part, it tip toes around the belief that birth control causes abortions and gives a link to the book "Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions" with testimonials from buyers like a pharmiscist who stop carrying the pill.***
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