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WSU Feminist Community

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Two Lectures at Yellow Springs UU Fellowship Feb. 23rd, 2007 @ 05:50 am
The Yellow Springs Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will be having two programs in March that could potentially be of interest to the Feminists of Wright State University. Additionally, I facilitate the 8:30 AM Discussion group and will be selecting feminist topics for those two days if anyone is interested in participating prior to the 10:00 AM program. No one will attempt to convert you, and everyone is respected and the Yellow Springs UU Fellowship is a GLBT friendly congregation.

Sunday, March 4: 8:30 a.m.: Spiritual discussion group.

10:00 a.m.: "Bury Me in a Free Land." With March 4th serving as a Sunday threshold between Black History Month and Women's History month, guest speaker Eliza Galaher will explore the presence and voices of African American women in the history and theology of Unitarian Universalism.

Sunday, March 11: 8:30 a.m.: Spiritual discussion group.

10:00 a.m: "The Challenges and Possibilities Entailed in the Current Encounters between European Feminisms and Muslim Integration in Western Europe." The speaker for this International Women's Day program is Yveta Jusova, Professor of Women's Studies at Antioch College and Director of the College's Comparative Women's Studies Program in Europe. For the past three fall sessions she has led the European program, in which students meet and study with feminists and activists in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, and Germany. Jusova will speak from her current research and extensive personal experience in Europe.

Planned Parenthood anf FMLA Oct. 23rd, 2006 @ 11:56 am
Molly Gavin from Planned Parenthood will be at tomorrow’s meeting to recruit for and talk about Planned Parenthood's involvement in the upcoming elections. They have upcoming tabling (one here on campus Thursday) and phone banks they need volunteers for and she will be available for questions. The topic of the meeting itself is the election and what it means for women. We will have information and discussion on issues on the ballot and candidates. We will also finalize our Halloween activities for the 31st. All are welcome so invite a friend and as always meetings are Tuesdays @ 430pm in the Women's Center.

**Don't forget the Domestic Violence panel this Thursday @ 2:15pm in the multi-cutural lounge

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It's not you...it's society Sep. 16th, 2006 @ 09:50 pm
Just something I wrote on the spur of the moment

I know that being a feminist makes me a little sensitive to hearing feminist bashing but seriously it has got to stop. I don't hate men nor am I a lesbian. I just want both sexes to be equal and I think that we all have to see how reproductive choices and educations affects us all. No I don't want to do everything a man can do ( I know that I will never be able to write my name in the snow) nor do I expect a man to give birth to a baby, but why society find it necessary to put us into these neat little boxes? Being a sex object is flattering but that is not all I want to be. I want to be a self-empowered functioning member of society that isn't held back by restrictions and guess what? I want that for any man too. When I read facebook walls that speak of how women should have never gotten the right to vote (written by a woman no less), it makes me want to literally cry. Not only is that woman putting herself and all the other women in the world down, she is poo-pooing the fight that women like Susan B. Anthony had to lead for that right. It's ignorance and totally frightening. Be sexy, be in relationships, but aspire to be something more. And this advice is for both sexes.

READ THIS Sep. 1st, 2006 @ 11:42 am

Hey FMLAers,

I'm just trying to see if anyone still reads this and what we want to do with this. Should it be a forum for discussion or announcements or what? If so how should we get this out to mroe people. Besides that, if you didn't get the email about Artemis Center, they need volunteers for receptionists on Monday, Tues., and Thur.  from 230p to 630pm. Contact Joyce Gibbs at
joyceg@artemiscenter.org. Lastly, if anyone reads this, what do you guys think about do a voter drive on campus the first week of October. We can get all the materials and stuff from FMF. Go to www.feministcampus.org/vote for information and the materials on it, oh and feedback be nice. Lastly, if you didn't get this info from Planned Parenthood, here you go, I'm thinking about going to one or two if I'm off so we can carpool.


12 September, 5:30pm-6:30pm
Dayton: Pro-Choice Meetup
Here’s your chance to restart your engine in election gear. Don't get through another election thinking, "I wish I'd done more!" Stop by for a brief rundown of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio's “Practice Safe Politics, Ohio" initiative, and come ready to sign up for some volunteer opportunities like helping with our clinic voter registration project, committing to attend candidate events in your pro-choice t-shirt, and/or making phone calls and canvassing. Join the Dayton Pro-Choice Meetup group and RSVP online.

12 September, 7pm
Kettering: Dayton Pro-Choice Book Club Meeting
The Dayton Pro-Choice Book Club is finishing its discussion of The Abortionist’s Daughter by Elizabeth Hyde. Read this intriguing mystery now so that you can join the discussion. We’ll be meeting at a private home, so make sure to RSVP by emailing mollygalvin@ppao.org.

13 September, 6pm-8pm
Dayton: "Prevention First" Volunteer Night
Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region will be hosting a phone banking and condom packaging session at the downtown Dayton offices. Phone calls will be made to area pharmacies to assess the availability of Emergency Contraception and condoms will be packaged with educational materials for use in Planned Parenthood’s health centers and educational programs. Email kmarcelle@ppswo.org to participate.

16 September, 9:30 pm11:30 pm
Dayton: “After Hours” in downtown Dayton for a Young Leaders
Join Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice young professionals (under 40) for a drink in the heart of the Oregon District!  Be among the first in Dayton to see and enjoy this unique home, which was once the historic Southern Belle Bar. Rogero Buckman Architects have turned the interior into a streamlined, modern masterpiece with all the amenities, including a rooftop terrace, while preserving the historic facade. Tickets include wine, beer and hors’ d’oeuvres.  Space is limited so get details and RSVP today by emailing kstraight@ppswo.org.

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Plane over campus today Jul. 19th, 2006 @ 04:23 pm
Today, as me and my friend were driving to Taco Bell across from campus. we noticed a plane flying overhead that had a telephone number and a fuzzy looking picture. The message next to the picture said 10 week abortion in big block letters. So I called the number. It turned out to be a anti-choice organization's (Center for Bio-Ethical Reform) scare campaign against the right to chose. The fuzzy picture was actually a picture of embryo/fetus. The message is automated and gave it's explanation on why they are doing this campaign and even goes as far to say that if you are pro-choice, why are you upset by the pictures of aborted fetuses? It gives you the option of leaving a message for or against abortion and uses emotions. They use "killing unborn children" and "butchered unborn children" and even defend themselves against those who may object to their campaign if kids see them. They say the images off 9/11 and violent movies are worse on children and if you are anti-choice and don't like their stategy, they give you explanations also. They even bring in slavery! You have to listen to the message to believe it. What's more disturbing is the photos and "opinions" they have on their website. I urge all of you to leave a message

I left a message and I advice you all to do so too. The national number is 1-888-234-9292 and the website is www.abortionno.org., there they give you the link to the Midwest headquarters in none other that Columbus (The Midwest Region P.O. Box 360503 Columbus, OH 43236 614-759-5195 (voice)
614-759-5194 (fax) ). I'm thinking of doing a mailing campiagn or maybe we could even go do a protest in the fall, let me know what you guys think!

***Forgot to add they are also teetering on the anti-pill side. If you go to the abortion facts part, it tip toes around the belief that birth control causes abortions and gives a link to the book "Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions" with testimonials from buyers like a pharmiscist who stop carrying the pill.***
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Other entries
» T-Shirts
Hey everyone,

Hope the summer is going well for all? The T-shirts are finished and they ended up being pink writing on a deep purple shirt. They are really nice and we have various sizes. If anyone is around this summer you can get yours. And remember they are free. Have a great summer yall (yes yall)!
» Last meeting of the school year!
Hey Feminists,

This wed. (May 31st) will be the last Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) meeting for the year. We will have food (free food)and games. We ask that you bring a game (cards, board game, fuzzy dice, whatever) and be prepared to have a feminist friendly good time.

***Normal time of course, 4pm in the Women's Center. Hope to see you all there!

» Sexual Assault Awareness Week
Hello all,

Hope the quarter is treating you well! Starting tommorrow, Monday May 1st, WSU's Coalition Against Sexual Assualt (CASA) is sponsoring Sexual Assualt Awareness Week. CASA, as well as FMLA, have activites planned to raise awareness and provide support for survivors.

Monday, May 1st:
Clothesline project on the Quad from 10am to 2pm. Here you can make t-shirts and hang them to voice you opinion and support survivors of sexual assualt. The rain site is the Student Union. FMLA table on the quad 10-3 as well and volunteers needed.

Tuesday, May 2nd:
Two more clothesline project t-shirt making sessions. One on the Quad from 10am to 2pm (rain site Atrium) and the other from 6p to 730p in Hawthorne Hall, second floor, and pizza and pop will be served. Volunteers needed again for FMLA tabling from 10am to 3pm in Union Market.

Wed., May 3rd:
Another clothesline t-shirt making session and poster making from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm in the Multicultural Lounge of Millett Hall. A light lunch will be provided and Shweta Sharma from Counseling and Wellness will be on hand fom 12pm to 2pm if any one would like to talk. Our FMLA meeting is at 4pm in the Women's Center and we will be having a special meeting for SAAWeek.

Thursday, May 4th:
Last T-shirt Session from 10 am to 2 pm on the Quad ( Rain-site Millett Hall Lobby ). FMLA poster making for march 5:30pm in the Women's Center. Take Back the Night March on the Quad at 6:30pm (rain-site mulit-cultural louge).

**If you would like to have a shirt to wear during the march Thursday, drop off you plain, white, cotton t-shirts in the Women's Center (there's a box) by Monday. Also May Daze is Friday and we would like to invite all of you to stop by and participate in our prize contest.

Have a great week!
Becca Lawrence
FMLA Press Chair

Please contact us at:
» Message From Planned Parenthood
An Indiana mother recently accompanied her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend to one of Indiana's Planned Parenthood clinics, but they unwittingly walked into a so-called "crisis pregnancy center" run by an anti-abortion group, one that shared a parking lot with the real Planned Parenthood clinic and was designed expressly to lure Planned Parenthood patients and deceive them.

The group took down the girl's confidential personal information and told her to come back for her appointment, which they said would be in their "other office" (the real Planned Parenthood office nearby). When she arrived for her appointment, not only did the Planned Parenthood staff have no record of her, but the police were there. The "crisis pregnancy center" had called them, claiming that a minor was being forced to have an abortion against her will.

The "crisis pregnancy center" staff then proceeded to wage a campaign of intimidation and harassment over the following days, showing up at the girl's home and calling her father's workplace. Our clinic director reports that the girl was "scared to death to leave her house." They even went to her school and urged classmates to pressure her not to have an abortion.

The anti-choice movement is setting up these "crisis pregnancy centers" across the country. Some of them have neutral-sounding names and run ads that falsely promise the full range of reproductive health services, but they dispense anti-choice propaganda and intimidation instead. And according to a recent article in The New York Times, there are currently more of these centers in the U.S. than there are actual abortion providers. What's more, these centers have received $60 million in government grants. They're being funded by our tax dollars.

A bill has just been introduced in Congress to stop the fraudulent practices of fake clinics, but it desperately needs more support. Tell your representative to take a stand: anti-choice extremists must not get away with this any longer!

Go to: http://www.ppaction.org/campaign/fakeclinics
» (No Subject)
Hope to see you all there. Please help us spread the word/bring your classes. Grace is a prominent, internationally known figure in the movements to end domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse.

The Women's Center and Women's Studies Program


"Honoring Our Children: Holding Ourselves Accountable"


Grace Poore
Filmmaker and Activist

Grace will be showing a 15 minute clip of her latest work-in-progress, Enemy on the Inside,
and a short clip of another of her films, The Children we Sacrifice

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
2:15 p.m.
Medical Sciences Auditorium
Medical Sciences Building

Grace Poore is a South Asian writer and video activist who produces and uses video to advocate for an end to violence against women and girls. Much of her work looks at the intersections between domestic violence and other oppressions, and how mainstreaming the movement to stop domestic violence continues to marginalize women who defy the conventional understanding of domestic violence.

This event is the first in the Women's Center and Women's Studies Program's
Feminism and the Body Series
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